Math and Art


Some of the most interesting works and discoveries are made at the intersection of two fields.  For example, when you combine science with writing, you get sci-fi writing; when you mix chemistry with biology, you get molecular biology, and when you blend history and science, you get the history of science.  But what happens if you meld math and art?


Many say that math is beautiful.  For instance, above is an example of two sinusoidal waves, cosine and sine.  These two trig functions give rise to entire sets of understanding, such as radians (a different form of writing degrees).  They are formed by the shadow of a movement of a peg around a circle; they are found in sound waves and water ripples, and they are also pleasing to the eye and beautiful.


Above is a stylized version of a 3-petaled rose graph on polar coordinates.  Who can say it isn’t beautiful?


This is a fractal, specifically, the Koch snowflake, made entirely of triangles.  Fractals are repeating structures; examples include the Sierpinski Triangle and the Mandelbrot Set.  They are used frequently in computer animation to model irregular shapes such as flames and country coastlines.

This is a video involving many layers of artwork – both famous visual artworks, thought-provoking manipulation, and auditory art (song).  But we are only able to view it thanks to Youtube, which is made possible by coding.  Coding is based, at its core, on math.

Note: the featured image is a spirograph I made.


9 thoughts on “Math and Art

        1. Hi Dorothy, sounds like we’ll be in the same class!
          TAs help the teacher in a variety of ways (they coach the students one on one, offer helpful links, and organize study meetings). It’s a leadership position. TAs are generally students who took the class the year before.
          Were there TAs for AP Euro?

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          1. Well, that is exciting! I’ll know someone in the class already! Was Amelia Peck TA-ing APUSH for you last year? She TA-ed for Mr. Richmand’s APUSH. AP Euro only had 18 students last year, and so no, there were no TAs.


    1. Nope, Amelia was actually my classmate! I skipped a year so that I could TA for my little brother Aaron. AP World last year only had around 16 students but we still had a TA.


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